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It tracks your PrEP,

It remembers when you took your pills,

It respects your privacy,

It computes your protection status,

It tells you how many pills to take,

It reminds you to take your PrEP,

It protects you.

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My PrEP sends you a notification when it’s time to tike your PrEP, and this, every 15 minutes until you take your pill: impossible to miss a dose anymore!
The reminders also work in flight mode and when your timezone changes 😎.

Protection status

At any time My PrEP tells you from when and until when your reports are protected by PrEP. No more doubts 👌.
The app also computes the number of pills to take: no more questions to ask.


My PrEP allows you to track your sexual activity: enter the date and time of each intercourse, and see at a glimpse its PrEP protection status.
You can also add a personal note and your partners: especially handy in case of an STD!


My PrEP gives you access to the full history of your doses, your previous protection status, and your complete sexual activity, through a detailed and clear timeline.
You can also check the intercourses you had with a specific partner.


All of My PrEP data is stored locally on your phone. The app does not exchange data over the internet and works perfectly fine in flight mode.
Moreover, there is no tracker, no cookie, no analytics in the app. You are anonymous and your data stays inside your phone.


The Statistics part allows you to track how you use PrEP (how many pills, duration of a session…) and gives you also access to figures about your sexual activity 😏.
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